Girly man? Banter from current crop of politicians is sadly lacking

Girly man? Banter from current crop of politicians is sadly lacking
October 20, 2014 – 1:02PM
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Tony Wright
Tony Wright
National affairs editor of The Age
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Mathias Cormann goes meta
Is his “girlie man” sledge a nod towards a Mathias Cormann parody on ABC TV? Or a homage to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who ripped the line off an SNL sketch parodying his Austrian accent? Continue reading

Professor Barry Spur suspended by University after racist emails

Professor Barry Spurr suspended by University of Sydney after racist emails

The Sydney Morning Herald, October 17, 2014

Amy McNeilage Reporter

The University of Sydney has suspended Barry Spurr after the professor was exposed for referring to people as “abos”, “bogans”, “fatsoes”, “Mussies” and “Chinky-Poos” in a series of leaked emails.
The university released a statement on Friday saying he was suspended, effective immediately, “from teaching and engaging in any other University business and is precluded from attending any University campus, while the matter is investigated”. Continue reading

The Executive editor on the word ‘Torture’

The Executive Editor on the Word ‘Torture’
By DEAN BAQUET AUGUST 7, 2014 5:08 PMAugust 7, 2014 10:18 pm 85 Comments

Credit Gretchen Ertl for The New York Times
Dean Baquet is the executive editor of The Times.

Over the past few months, reporters and editors of The Times have debated a subject that has come up regularly ever since the world learned of the C.I.A.’s brutal questioning of terrorism suspects: whether to call the practices torture. Continue reading

Mach and mascarpone: testing how vocabulary is gendered

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Mach and mascarpone: testing how vocabulary is gendered
A survey has shown an ‘awesomely sexist’ discrepancy between the English words understood by different genders

A little old-fashioned … a survey has found men’s and women’s vocabulary is strikingly stereotypical. Continue reading

How to take a woman down in one word

July 14, 2014 – 11:47AM
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Harris O’Malley

A thought experiment: Imagine how people might react if Taylor Swift released an album made up entirely of songs about wishing she could get back together with one of her exes.

We’d hear things like: “She can’t let go. She’s clingy. She’s irrational. She’s crazy.” Men would have a field day comparing her to their own “crazy” exes.

Yet when Robin Thicke released “Paula” – a plea for reconciliation with his ex-wife Paula Patton disguised as an LP — he was called incoherent,obsessed, heartfelt and, in particular, creepy.

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