OMG Adorkable, Collins Dictionary Asks Tweeps For New Words LOL

When was the last time you looked at the IT guy in your office and thought: He is so adorkable I could just hug him to death?

And have you ever deliberately posted a vague status update on your social media account just to prompt a response? Did you know that you were vaguebooking?

Lexicographers—writers and compilers of dictionaries—at Collins English Dictionary are using TwitterTWTR -3.24% as a research tool to help uncover new and emerging words on the Internet, to study their usage, and measure their popularity. Continue reading

How the Hashtag is Ruining the English Language

SAM BIDDLERANT 12/28/11 2:54pm
How the Hashtag Is Ruining the English Language (Updated)

If Twitter is useful for anything beyond a flamethrower of breaking news and URL errata, it’s forcing us to be considerate about language—we have to use space wisely. Unfortunately, the hashtag is ruining talking. #NotGonnaLie Continue reading

Please stop calling yourself a grammar nazi

Please stop calling yourself a grammar nazi

DateSeptember 19, 2013 – 10:24AM138 reading now

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If you were to do a random poll of Twitter bios, online dating profiles and those obnoxious pithy things journalists like to put at the end of their stories there is a fair chance that someone will profess their love of grammar. Perhaps they will say things like “I am a self-avowed grammar nazi/nerd/fearless fighter for the appropriate use of apostrophes.” They might say that they will block you if you use the wrong ‘your’ in a sentence, or marry you if you get it right. Both of which sound rather extreme, and not nearly as clever and enticing as the owner of said comment might think. Just like the clamouring tribes of self-confessed introverts on the internet, online is the natural habitat of the grammar nazi, where somehow knowing how to wield an apostrophe has become a noble act, nay, personal brand.

But the policing of grammar online and on social media has also become something of a blood-thirsty and demoralising sport. A typo causes crowing re-tweets among the grammarazi, or if the tweeter is feeling particularly superior they might screen grab an error just in case it was fixed – often the case in online – before they got the opportunity to gloat. A mis-spelt word is declared enough to discredit an entire argument and let’s not even go there with the comments left on articles.

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Daggy KRudd has the skillz to grab the youth vote

Daggy KRudd has the skillz to grab the youth vote

July 26, 2013

Isaac Johanson

The PM has young people atwitter with his ability to connect on social media.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd visiting Aquinas College in Ringwood. Photo: Pat Scala

A few weeks ago, before Kevin Rudd became Prime Minister, he started following me on Twitter. I felt a brief thrill. Maybe he was trying to poach my allegiance from Julia Gillard, but I was nonetheless flattered by someone famous following me. I may only have a measly 11 followers, but the big KRudd was one of them.

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