Do you talk like a girl?

Do you talk like a girl?

August 25, 2014 – 7:22AM
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Natalie Reilly

Have you ever wondered why some people say ‘like’ so often? Like, even when they didn’t need to? Well, earlier this year researchers from the University of Texas took a look at conversations. Filler words, for example, are exactly what they sound like; words such as ‘uh’ and ‘um’ we use to fill out sentences and are used by everyone. ‘Discourse markers’ on the other hand, are words that appear to litter our sentences, for like, literally no reason, such as ‘like’, ‘you know’ and ‘I mean.’

The group concluded that those particular discourse markers (the ‘likes’) were used more often by young people and women. Continue reading

Chillax dudes the kids talk alright

Ja’ime King and friends, the comic creations of Chris Lilley.
Good news, povos! Ja’ime King, Chris Lilley’s monster in a private school uniform, is on her way back, ready to sort out the hot from the fugly in a new TV series, Ja’ime: Private School Girl.

That Lilley will be back on our screens at all is welcome news; that he’s channelling his bold satire through Ja’ime is even better. Not only does Lilley give us, through his young alpha female, a sharp, painfully accurate insight into teenage girl-dom, but he also has a gift for replicating youthful slang in all its wit and potential cruelty.

For me, it’s a reminder that the constant laments about young people corrupting the English language and the infiltration of ”text-speak” into the popular lexicon are as tedious as they are misguided. The way kids use language, and create their own, is actually a wonderful thing: sometimes warm and sometimes brutal, often witty and heavily ironic, filled with the ennui – affected or real – of yoof, which has been around, well, forever. Frankly, I’d take kid-speak over the cold clunkiness of corporate-speak, where everyone is being ”incentivised” to ”action” their ”learnings”, and so on.

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