Prejudice alive and well in the spoken word

I’ve always been a big talker, even though people haven’t always understood what I was saying. As a child, I had a lisp, and my ”Rs” came out more like ”Ws”, but these standard-issue elocutionary stumbles were dwarfed by a drawl that made me sound like a drunken Scotsman with a handful of marbles in his mouth. This was generally explained with reference to the fact that I spent a lot of time with our neighbours, a family of Glaswegians, and had presumably picked up their thick Gorbals accent. Whether this was true or not, I embraced the explanation, and soon took to telling other kids that I was Scottish, as a way of staving off embarrassment when they asked me why I spoke strangely. Continue reading


Football to politics, blokes only open their mouths to change feet


Not our lucky, lucky Prime Minister though, who on Tuesday voiced some  concerns about sexism in politics and was instantly rewarded by blokes from  seemingly every walk of life in Australia choosing this week to act like utter  berks. Continue reading