French fries…or freedom fries

French fries … or Freedom fries? Photograph: Michael Rosenfeld/Getty

The New South Wales government is set to wipe out the term “coal seam gas” from official documents, replacing it with “natural gas from coal seams” (apparently, we are told, in the name or clarity and consistency).

This is not the first time a policy, product or political issue has been rebranded to make it more palatable to the public

. In the US, French fries were famously re-branded Freedom fries – although it didn’t really catch on. In the same foodie vein, Coca Cola changed its flavour in the 1980s. America was in uproar and sales dropped, so they changed it back – a decision worthy of a newsflash. Sales rocketed when the original flavour came back.

In the UK, the Cardiff football team was taken over by a billionaire from Malaysia, who wanted to change their kit from blue to red (which, we think, is lucky in Malaysia). Loads of fans complained but having said that, maybe red is lucky – the team was promoted to England’s top division for the first time in 50 years afterwards.

So, tell us: can you think of disastrous or genius rebranding exercises? Which are your favourite?


2 thoughts on “French fries…or freedom fries

  1. This article is interesting, as it shows that products can suffer or peak dramatically due to slight changes in names or flavours. This sort of shows that people are often against change and prefer things to stay the same.

  2. It is a very interesting article of how people are reluctant to many different types of changes. Although that ‘freedom fries’ might not have catched on in replacing the term ‘French fries’ it has reduced the use of French fries as it is more common to call them just ‘fries’ dropping the French and freedom from the word.

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