Cuttings Journal- holiday Homework

Unit 2, Area of Study One, 2013
English across time
School Assessed Coursework

Part A- Cuttings Journal

Mark Allocation: 10 out of 50 marks available for this SAC
Due Date: Friday 9th August

Rationale for the Task
This task is designed to get you thinking about different aspects of language as you read for pleasure and information over the coming weeks. You will create a folio of cuttings which reflect the topics and issues we are covering in the course. All cuttings should be from current sources.
Next year you will complete a similar task as part of a SAC. The examples from your cuttings journal can be used in essay paragraphs, then in end of year exam essays. Examiners have a preference for new and fresh examples that you have sourced yourself.
You should begin building your general knowledge of language now. Look and listen to language being used around you and make connections to the theory that is being taught throughout the year.
Key skill from the Study Design:
‘Explore and analyse changes in the English language over time as reflected in texts.’

Collect articles about language from blogs and newspapers. They must no older than June 2012. Choose 5 to annotate and hand in on the due date. Follow the annotation instructions below.
1. Give the name of the publication, the date of publication and the author.
2. What is the cutting an example of? (e.g. language change, attitudes to language change, history of language, the future of English, language loss, taboo language, jargon)
3. What are the key linguistic ideas the cutting discusses? You need to work out what the cutting is about then note down the main ideas in point form.
4. Cite particular quotes from the cutting or text that you think might be useful in an essay. Quotes from famous linguists are especially useful.


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