Journalist Scott Morrison claims asylum seekers need to adhere to ‘behavioural protocols’ when they are living in the community. What does this mean?


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  1. It refers to the way in which they integrate into society; their cultural values, whilst an important sign of personal identity, shouldn’t be projected onto Australia’s established culture. Every culture has different behavioral norms, and even though morals are a personal thing, there are certain ideas that clash with Australia’s ideals. If they show solidarity against Australia’s culture, it is not allowing them to be involved in the in-group membership of Australia.

    Chocolate? Chocolate!

  2. Ok Kate chocolate coming your way. In terms language use, is this journalist using ‘doublespeak’ to obscure the real meaning of what he says? To perhaps put a more legitimate slant on his ideas that they should meet some different requirements to the rest of the Australian public.

    • It would seem that religion is probably a big target of the comment (I didn’t mention it because I was trying to be politically correct :P). A lot of asylum seekers have come to Australia, and refused to integrate. Notable examples would be the discussion of the burka and also a lot of campaigns that aim to set up large mosques and try to force Christmas to be less important because it would disagree with their beliefs.

  3. What exactly does ‘behavioural protocols’ mean? Do asylum seekers have the right to live as they did in their society In ours?

    It seems like a big ask for someone or even a large group to immediately integrate into our community, the fact the community itself may not accept these people may lead to further separation of the two groups.

    On the idea of religion, it’s in our constituation that the government at any level may not ‘mess’ with the beliefes of others. We are free to worship anything/anyone. It seems rather harsh to just force a large change onto an entire culture.

    • Also more often than not, we are the people who are trying to be overly politically correct, by trying to turn down the Christmas spirit, by all means lets celebrate the holidays of other religions, if it means more days off, I’m all for it.

      However I do think asylum seekers should learn English. It can rather frustrating dealing with a customer who can’t understand you, or be understood.

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